Short hair looks amazing on some people. It's true that when doing a makeover, stylists think of chopping locks to get a sense of change... but, if you were used to having long hair, that new haircut would soon be unloved. There's nothing worse than regretting a haircut and feeling like you can't do anything about it. Then, you'll have to deal with having a haircut you hate, affecting the image you have of yourself and what you project to others.

Sometimes, regret isn't the case. Sometimes your hair is short because you don't have any other choice. Perhaps you're dealing with medical issues or hormonal issues. Maybe no matter what products, surgery, or treatments you use, your hair just keeps breaking, falling, or getting too thin. You wish you could have long luscious locks and be the star of your own mirror. Maybe you've tried to get hair extensions before but every method you've tried has been a disappointment, and no stylist seems to get the goal you want for your hair.

At My Hair Gal, you can be sure every single strand of your existing hair will be taken care of with the finesse your hair deserves. LeeAnne Thrasher has the experience and training to give you everything you wished to have that long hair you desire. The thickness, the length, the health you've always wanted to see in the mirror is there for you: it's just an appointment away. 

Don't deprive yourself of the amazing feeling longer hair can give you. While you wait for your natural hair to grow, our hair extensions will speed the process--so you can enjoy your hair and not the anxiety. Book an appointment with LeeAnne now to gift yourself or your loved ones the pleasure of having the makeover you've been wishing for. Trust LeeAnne with your hair today, and enjoy the beautiful effect that hair extensions can have on your look. 



Lee Anne is the best, Guys get a hair cut and a hot towel on the face during shampoo!!
Once you get you hair cut by Lee Anne you always come back.
— John Gailey